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About Oken

Founded in 2019, Oken is the fruit of Pr. Alan Cohen’s research at the University of Sherbrooke, in Canada. At Oken, we design and build multivariate measurements of biological systems and the aging process from standard laboratory biomarker data, in order to help the population improve and maintain good health. Integrating artificial intelligence, complex systems theory and biologically informed approaches, our algorithms take standard clinical biomarkers and generate groundbreaking windows into the underlying health state of individuals. Backed by years of academic research and numerous peer-reviewed publications, our proprietary algorithms and expertise capture the loss of homeostasis in physiological systems, yielding strong predictions of future changes in health state. 


Our Team

Meet our multidisciplinary team which strives in providing users and clients fast, simple and cutting edge tools, giving insights into their health state.


Alan Cohen

Chief scientific officer

Alan is a Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, where he heads the aging study laboratory; he is perhaps the world’s foremost expert on complex systems theory and the aging process.

Pascal Azadian

Chief business strategist

Pascal is an entrepreneur experienced in funding and building businesses, raising funds, strategy, engineering mainly in the biology and health/biotech sector. He trained at École Centrale de Paris, Sciences Po Paris and JP Morgan in NYC.

Frederik Dufour

Research & development specialist

Frédérik is completing a PhD in biology, more specificaly in bioinformatics. He has gain experience over the years in data management and data analysis.