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Let us help you accelerate the pace and quality of your discoveries by quantifying health state and the biological aging process



General health and aging metrics: Want to demonstrate the safety of your new drug? Does your intervention slow aging? Our algorithms could serve as general health and aging metric in your clinical trial providing answers to whether your therapy impacts the global health state of participants and/or slows down the aging process.     

Patient stratification: Who will respond to your new drug? Responder and non-responders could be stratified in order to avoid unnecessary studies, or at a later stage distinguish these populations in clinic to avoid unwanted adverse events.

Early detection of adverse events: Our algorithms could avoid enrolling risky patients in phase I or phase III clinical trials, and could detect potential side effects early in the drug development process, before substantial costs are incurred.

Preclinical: Even in preclinical animal models our tools could help you reduce the costs of including unhealthy animals in your studies, by screening the animals at the start of your investigations.

Drug repurposing: We could explore abandoned compounds and test whether these may have unforeseen beneficial effects on some physiological systems that could lead to a repositioning of drugs that did not make it to phase IV.

Imagine with us: Talk to us about your needs. Let’s see what we can do together!



Off-the-shelf algorithms: Our off-the-shelf algorithms measure several aspects of the aging process and generate global or physiological system-specific health indices from standard blood biomarkers. Potential systems include: the immune system, liver and kidney functions, the oxygen transport system, electrolytes, lipids or vitamins.

Algorithm development: If key systems in your study are not in the list above, we can develop and provide you with specific scores for your needs using your biomarkers. Do not hesitate to tell us about your research and your needs and together we will find potential solutions.

Consulting: Write to us for our consultation services.